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How is Fix-a-Form® Used?
Display large amounts of information concisely on pack promotions, pharmaceutical data and agrochemical information
Fix-a-Form® is a global brand and has frequently appeared on packs and containers of countless brand names worldwide.
Providing clear information is a key requirement for many types of products. A common problem for manufacturers is finding space to fit all that information which can often be needed in several languages.
Designed to create extra space for product usage, instructions or promotional messages, our extensive product range and knowledge has resulted in Fix-a-Form® being a key player in a wide variety of industry sectors.
We broadly categorize our sales activities across the globe into four main sectors: Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Promotional and General.
To view some of the examples of our recent work, click on the links to view case studies by industry sector:
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  Jack Daniel's Sauce
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Each label carries information in the multitude of languages for our global requirements...

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  Efekto Garden Care range
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  Caldol Vitamin Tablets – OTC
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