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  Coca-Cola Light Fix-a-Form® Label
Promotional Case Study:
Coca-Cola Light
On 1st April, 2007, 400,000 special 0.5 litre bottles of Coca-Cola Light were launched in Belgium with a free mini magazine.
Aimed at 18-25 year-old ladies, the 24-page GLAM*IT is a magazine packed full of fun, fashion and celebrity gossip.
The removable magazine follows the same format as the original iLove version that is going strong in the Australian market.
Europe’s first magazine on a bottle product was co-ordinated and created in conjunction with On Product Publishing (OPP). GLAM*IT includes articles in both French and Flemish to appeal to their wider target market.
Joanna Wojtalik, OPP’s inventor commented: “The OPP label effectively allows Coca-Cola Light to place more content directly on its products and thereby enhance the relationship its consumers have with the brand at the point of purchase.”
Jack Danel's Sauce Fix-a-Form® label
Informational Case Study:
Jack Daniel's Sauce
A premium quality, informational Fix-a-Form® ingredients label is helping Baxter’s Food Group to market its fine range of Jack Daniel's barbecue sauces to a growing number of countries around the globe. The sauces – giving year-round barbecue pleasure to people who get the urge to indulge – are made by Baxter’s under license and are now available in 19 territories spanning Eastern and Western Europe and Scandinavia.
The four varieties (Smooth Original, Full Flavour Smokey, Hot Chilli and Rich Honey) all include the World Famous Black Label Whiskey and they are in big demand. A spokeswoman from Baxter’s explains why the label has made life easier:
“It’s clearly a legal requirement to give the ingredients and nutritional information in the right language for the market and, in the case of the Jack Daniel's label we have been able to dramatically streamline the number of labels we produce. Each ‘variety’ label carries the information in the multitude of languages necessary to cover our current global requirements which helps to greatly reduce the logistics of packaging.”
The neatly folded, 8pp re-sealable multi-page label was designed and printed to the very precise guidelines set out by US makers, Brown Forman. It mirrors the main self-adhesive front label but is stuck ever so neatly around the back of the 275g glass bottle.
  Efekto Garden Care range Fix-a-Form®  Label
Agrochemical Case Study
Efekto Garden Care range
Pyrotec's innovative PackMedia Division teamed up with Efekto to provide a solution to their Ready to Use garden care product range. Working with the creative marketing team, Redline, they wanted to revitalise the range by offering an extended primary label with user instruction attached directly onto the pack. The oval shaped, 4-page leaflet label lends itself perfectly to the pump spray bottle allowing easy access via a re-sealable leaflet in English and Afrikaans.
Applied manually onto the No Weed, No Ant, No Insect Outdoors and their No Weed Lawn products - the leaflet label replaces their old method of a leaflet supplied with each product.
Donvae Hooker, Efekto’s Marketing Manager commented:
“The combination of Efekto’s brief for a professional looking product, Redline Design’s creativity and Pyrotec’s technical expertise, resulted in a really great pack.”
  Caldol Vitamin Tablets – OTC Fix-a-Form® label
  Pharmaceutical Case Study:
Caldol Vitamin Tablets – OTC
Caldol vitamin tablets provide a supplementary source of Calcium and Vitamin D to assist sufferers of Osteoporosis.
It is a legal requirement in Taiwan for Pharmaceutical manufacturers to include information in both Mandarin and English hence the need for more space on the label. This is why Fix-a-Form® leaflet labels are ideal for small bottles such as this 60-tablet bottle.
The front cover has been produced in color, making the bottle both attractive and clear as to the content. Inside the label, you will find a clear and concise set of instructions and product detail.
This illustrates clearly that the label serves a function and in this case, elaborate images and lots of text are not necessary to get the message across.
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